The Smyrk

You guys ever think about hitting up the West Coast? Portland is a great music scene! *cough cough from Anonymous

Definitely, and great donuts!

Hey I was wondering if you guys could send me the stems to Single-Serving Friend? I've been wanting to make a remix of it for my dj sets. from Anonymous

Sure! Email us at

i have an actual physical pressed copy of The Hartt Sessions. you guys want it? more than happy to give it up if you promise you'll play Sevyn again sometime ever. from tehzachatak

Send the mp3s our way.

Sup pimps? How's that Thor song going? You guys busted it out at The Outer Space but when I saw y'all again in Danbury it wasn't in your lineup. Fine-tuning it? Cause it's DAMN badass, just wanted to throw that out there. See you March 2nd. from zerostigma

Working on making that even more badass. Will be recorded soon.

Hey guys. I'm doing motion graphics for a TV station that hasn't started yet. Any chance you guys would let us use "The End of Jason Todd" for the music to the intro credits to a show? from Anonymous

Sure! Just make sure we get credit.